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GourmetBangkok.com introduces and reviews restaurants in Bangkok. To introduce the real gourmet world of Bangkok, we try out the restaurants ourselves and write the reviews according to the real dining experience we have.

We are sometimes invited by the restaurants, but we review the restaurants totally based on our authentic experience. Therefore, we cherish our readers by providing real experience of ours when dining at the restaurants.

We also work on restaurant guides and news articles, which are in Chinese, for our readers in Southeast Asia by collaborating with renowned travel journalists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. Therefore, we also have a Facebook Fan Page in Chinese and a Weibo account for our Chinese readers!

As the gourmet world in Bangkok is getting more and more sophisticated and exciting, we think big thanks and credits should be extended to all the chefs working so diligently in creating unforgettable quality recipes for diners in Bangkok. Without their conscience in creating innovative menus to suit the complicated taste buds of the diners, we will not be able to try out new dishes from time to time. As there are many talented chefs from all over the world to devote their culinary skills and experience to every single dish that is served to the diners, we would like to especially thank those talented chefs by setting up a section on introducing them on our website, allowing you to know the wonderful persons behind your dining experience.

Our team work totally out of our own enthusiasm in food. To us, we don’t eat to survive, we eat to enjoy and celebrate life. We hope to share our dining experience and enthusiasm with all our readers. We sometimes receive recommendations of restaurants from our readers.  Such bilateral interaction with our readers excites us to work more diligently in bringing more news and contents.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 
                                                                            Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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