For those who love to enjoy fine food on a chilling Sunday, the Sunday brunch served at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok is not a bad choice. To attract more diners’ attention, Four Seasons offers live cooking and buffet stations provided by their 4 award-winning restaurants – Madison, Biscotti, Spice Market and Shintaro. A wide variety of hot and cold dishes are offered. Diners can choose which areas they want to sit when making a reservation. I always prefer to sit in the open-air garden of Aqua lounge because you can see the live jazz performance of their talented musicians, the live cooking and smell of foie gras and a spectacular bar table. However, if you prefer to savour your brunch in a Thai setting, you can pick to sit in the Spice Market. The warm western steakhouse setting of Madison may be the favourite area for those who want to dine with a classy atmosphere.

To me, the strength of the Sunday Brunch here is their bar, where all kinds of alcohol drinks are provided. The bartenders are able to make all kinds of cocktails right in front of your eyes. A few fine selection of wine and sparkling wine are also provided for you. Most importantly, it is FREE FLOW. Beside alcoholic drinks, fruit juice and smoothies are also provided.

Seafood is provided fresh. Oysters lovers will love the seafood counter. All the steak is ordered to make for you by the chefs of Madison. The quality of the food is, of course, guaranteed. The cold cuts provided here are the best among all other hotels in Bangkok. The slice is thin enough and the attention chef assistants always walk to check if the cold cuts has become dry and hardened by the air-conditioning.

Another compliment about Four Seasons Sunday Brunch is their cheese table, they offer many different kinds of cheese including the goat cheese and cow cheese that are not easily available in other Sunday Brunch in Bangkok.

As for dessert, it is arrayed attractively inside Madison. The long table of desserts table offers you choices of traditional Thai desserts and mouth-watering cakes, cookies and crepe.

For me, I still love Sunday Brunch at Sukhothai Hotel more. First, I don’t like drinking a lot of alcohol during day time. Second, the oysters provided at Sukhothai is impressive – at least 5 kinds of finely selected oysters from France, Japan, Australia etc are provided.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch
Location: 155 Rajadamri Road, in between the St. Regis and the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotels

Mass transit: BTS Rajadamri
Hours: 11:30 am-3 pm Sundays
Phone: 02-126-8866 ext 1231

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