Talking about Sunday Brunch, many hotels in Bangkok are renowned for their Sunday Brunch. In some magazines, Sunday Brunch is one of the recommended meals for foreigners and tourists. Among all hotels in Bangkok, Sunday Brunch in Sukhothai Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and Dusit Thani Silom Hotel are receiving the most applauses and credits.

Let’s see their difference:

For Chocolate, Oysters and Cheese Lovers

Your best choice for the Sunday Brunch is Sukhothai Hotel! Why? Compared with the other 2 hotels, Sukhothai provides you 5-7 kinds of fresh oysters from Japan, France and Australia etc. depending on availability. The freshness is the best among the 3 hotels. The taste is so fresh and of so high quality that you could imagine the oysters are freshly caught from the blue sea. The oysters they may provide include: Fine de Claire, Baiedi Cancale, Clam Glove, Quilcene, Hama Hama, Pickering. Impressive, isn’t it? Compared with Four Seasons and Dusit Thani where only 2-3 kinds of oysters are available, Sukhothai is unbeatable at all.

For cheese lovers, Sukhothai will not disappoint you. Sukhothai provides the most varieties of cheese. The long table of cheese at the corner will surely make your mouth water! Some kinds of cheese are not even available on the market place in Bangkok. What cheese does Sukhothai array at the Sunday Brunch?

Here is the list: Brie de Meaux, Camembert au Calvados, Reblochon Fermier, Fourme d’Ambert, Keen’s Cheddar Manchego, Rochebaron, Pont I’Evèque, Tommes de Savoie, Morbier, Munster, Franche Contée, Valençay, Gouda, Chevre Frais, Sainte Maure, Brillat Savarain, Emmenthal, Fleur du Maquis, Pecorino di Grotta, Taleggio, Provolone, Asiago.

However, at Four Seasons and Dusit Thani, a few kinds of cheese (around 6-8) are available for diners and they are easy-to-be-found kinds of cheese in Bangkok. I even experienced to ask a waiter at Four Seasons to refill the blue cheese.

For Chocolate Lovers

If you like chocolate, Sukhothai will not disappoint you as it is already very renowned in their chocolate tea buffet. Sukhothai provides many different kinds of chocolate and chocolate desserts for diners to end the Sunday Brunch with a perfect touch of sweetness.s

Sukhothai Sunday Brunch Menu: Sukhothai Sunday Brunch Menu: Click here

Sukhothai Hotel
Price: Baht 2,800 ++

Open Daily
Breakfast: 06.30 – 10.30 hrs
Lunch: 12.00 – 14.30 hrs
Sunday Brunch: 12.00 – 15.00 hrs

Seating Capacity: 126 persons
Telephone: +66 (0) 2344 8888
Dress code: Smart Casual
(No sportswear, slippers, sleeveless shirts)

Recommendation: 100 / 100

For Seafood lovers especially those who love lobsters

For those who like seafood, Dusit Thani is your choice. The most impressive counter at the Sunday Brunch is their lobster mountain.

The quality of lobsters never changes as well as the height of this mountain. The chef refills the mountain so often that you could eat as much as you like until the last second of the Sunday Brunch. Cavier is also available for diners. The oysters provided here at Dusit Thani is of similar quality at Four Season’s. However, for lobster lovers, this huge mountain of good quality lobsters is only available at Dusit Thani.

Despite the lobsters and seafood such as scallops and oysters, other food at Dusit Thani is not that impressive. Among the 3 hotels, Dusit Thani ranks number 3 of my list. However, if you plan to enjoy Sunday Brunch with your young children, Dusit Thani should be under your consideration because a children playground is available every Sunday with their funny clowns who will perform and play games with your children. Among these 3 hotels, only Dusit Thani cares about your kids and ensures you can enjoy your buffet without the fuse of looking after your children.

The Pavilion
Dusit Thani Silom Hotel
Opening Hours:
Daily: from 06:00am to 10:30pm
Daily Buffet Breakfast: from 06:00am to 10:30am
Daily Buffet Lunch: from 11:30am to 3:00pm
Daily Buffet Dinner: from 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Monday – Saturday Buffet Lunch
(THB 970++ per adult / THB 485++ per child from 5-10 years old)

Sunday Brunch enjoy with Clown Show and Kid’s Activities
(THB 1,888++ per adult / THB 944++ per child from 5-10 years old)

Sunday – Wednesday Buffet Dinner
(THB 1,390++ per adult / THB 695++ per child from 5-10 years old)

Thursday* – Saturday Buffet dinner
(THB 1,699++ per adult / THB 849++ per child from 5-10 years old)
*Thursday Seafood Buffet Dinner (Include of free flow Chardonnay)

Tel: +66 (0) 2200 9000 ext. 2399

Dusit Thani Buffet Menu: See their Menu here

For Alcohol Lovers

Four Seasons is your best choice and it is the only place that a full bar is available for diners to order. Full bar means you can order whatever cocktail, whatever alcoholic drinks you want at the bar. Impressive, right? Sukhothai provides more than 10 kinds of fruit juice at the Brunch without alcohol unless you pay for each glass or each bottle you order. At Dusit Thani, you have free flow of wine and champagne. Here at Four Seasons, you have all that you want to drink.

Four Seasons allows you either sit outdoor in their garden or indoor. Outdoor environment is relaxing with the live jazz music and exciting with the live cooking foie gras and the attractive open bar for wine, cocktails, gin, vodka….(you name it!)

Seafood of high quality is provided but the speed of refilling is quite disappointing when compared with Dusit Thani. My last experience of getting oysters was in vain for 3 times until I asked the chef to give me a plate of 5 pieces of oysters directly from the kitchen.

The service here is excellent, for all kinds of live cooking dishes, you don’t need to queue up to wait, you just leave the tag of your table number, then a waiter will serve the dish to your table. It is convenient because the whole buffet area is packed with tables, there isn’t spacious enough to allow more than 2 diners to wait at the live cooking counter.

Despite the slow refilling speed, the quality of food is unforgettable. Here you can find the best quality of cold cuts, better than Sukhothai.

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

Tel 02-250-1000

Open: 11:30am-3pm

Price: 2,350++ baht with open bar

Other information not available at all. For more information, please call and check with Four Seasons directly.

Ranking of the 3 hotels

Number 1: Sukhothai Hotel
Number 2: Four Seasons
Number 3: Dusit Thai Hotel

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