Fine Food

Fine Dining in Bangkok

The fine dining scene in Bangkok is getting more and more exciting. New restaurants are popping up every week in different areas of Bangkok! Gourmet Bangkok team try all these restaurants and lead you to visualize our dining experience at these restaurants. Be it a Michelin-starred restaurant or a locally renowned restaurant for delicious food, we will explore all places and provide you with genuine reviews on them. Feel free to let us know where we should visit!

“Many people may regard fine dining as an expensive meal in the most exquisite dining ambience with pitch-perfect services. To me, fine dining is not just that. Fine dining is an art through which the chef wholeheartedly expresses his creativity in the cuisine by startlingly mix-and-matching genuine flavours of the chosen ingredients to create an exceptional delight on my palate. Fine dining is also a feeling of happy anxiety when I am always looking forward to the new surprises in the coming course throughout my meal. With perfect pairing of wine, my happy anxiety will transform into a kind of lasting gastronomic love that I can’t live without.” ~ Chelsea Chan









Michelin-starred Dining Experience