If you look carefully at the logo, you may see immediately ‘Nam’. Instead, you will see the landscape of Vietnam – the outline and the hilly characteristic of the country. A thought struck my head, ‘If the logo is so Vietnamese, what about the food?’ Stepping into Nam, it gives you a very homey feeling. This spacious 2-storey restaurant is a perfect place, especially for family’s gatherings. The decor of the restaurant is simple with pictures and old photos hanging on the wall.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

Flipping through their menu, I was shocked – I haven’t never seen such a long menu of Vietnamese food in Thailand. The menu indeed includes dishes from all three regions of Vietnam – North, Central and South. Each dish in the menu is all carefully selected to ensure all special culinary techniques and authentic tastes from Vietnam are included. It was amazing.

I have ordered a lot of dishes, trying everything from North to South. Two words that can best describe all the dishes I ate – heavenly delicious. Every dish is authentic with original herbs and ingredients from Vietnam. Their authenticity even goes into the details of fish sauce. Although Thailand is one of the largest producers of fish sauce in the world, Nam imports fish sauce from Vietnam. To be honest, Vietnamese fish sauce surprised me with the aroma. It is not as salty as the Thai one, but the fish sauce is so rich that it enhances the taste of the dish.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

This is my ‘love-at-first-bite’ dish. It’s al dente with very original recipe from Vietnam (if you have been to Vietnam). A first must-try at Nam.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

Angel hair soup. This angle hair, unlike what you can find in an Italian restaurant. This angle hair is not pasta of any kind, it’s a kind of vegetables found in Vietnam. The soup tastes quite like Chinese fish maw soup. However, it was a very good start of a meal. The taste is just right and I am sure your taste buds will not complain of experiencing the taste again and again.Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

This one is very much like a Thai dish – a lot of fresh herbs are put into the dish. Eating it with the the fresh vegetables serves as a very nice appetizer.  Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

The first sight of this dish made me immediately think of a Southern Thai dish. The beef was tender and was very well blended with the fresh flavours of herbs and spicy sauce. My second recommended dish.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

This is a must-order. The flour wrap is so thin that it doesn’t give any bulky burden to your stomach. With all the fresh ingredients wrapped in such a thin flour wrap, you can eat plate after plate to satisfy your appetite.

Wrapped and baked in natural banana leaf, the juicy meat with the mild aroma of banana leaf is very tasty.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

I have never known baked mussels are in any Vietnamese menu. I tried this with a lot of satisfaction. The main difference of this baked mussels from other restaurants is the chopped peanuts put on top, giving the mussels a crunchy touch.

Nam Vietnamese Restaurant
Vietnamese chicken rice. It beats all chicken rice stalls in Bangkok. Among all the many kinds of chicken rice, the main differences are the taste of the chicken and the sauce. For this Vietnamese chicken rice, the chicken meat is sliced up and mixed with Vietnamese coriander, onion and peppermint. The sauce is what I like best. It is made of chicken liver with very little salt to boost up the taste. Although it looks oily, it goes very well with the rice and chicken, making every bite less dry but an expression of outstanding culinary skills. Nam Vietnamese RestaurantNam Vietnamese Restaurant
Ending the meal with dessert. The dessert wasn’t too sweet. It is very well balanced with a savoury meal. So if you visit Nam, don’ forget to try their simple but tasty dessert. After dessert, a cup of coffee will always end the meal with perfection. Here at Nam, you can try the renowned Vietnamese coffee, which is rich in taste and aroma. It must be drunk hot for the perfect experience of a nice cup of coffee.

Nam Restaurant
Bangna-Trad Soi 66, Bangkeaw, Bangkok. (The same soi of Bangkeaw Police Station)

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