Luce Italian Restaurant is located on the 13th Floor of Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn. Stepping out of the elevator, you will be attracted to the magnificent city view of Sathorn and a chilling rectangular swimming pool which will definitely make you think of the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Such breathtaking view of the smiling city will release all kinds of stress and tension from your hectic city life. This is exactly the state of mind we should have when we are to enjoy a fine meal.

Walking through the huge glass door of Luce lightheartedly, the spacious restaurant engulfs you with a sense of classy dining. At the back of the restaurant, a huge wine cooler showcases the best selections of Luce wine, a brand that was established by the Frescobaldi family in the Tuscan region of Italy over 700 years ago. Amazing, isn’t it? The production of wine by the Frescobaldi family has been famous in Europe for all these centuries. Records show that Henry VIII of England was a connoisseur of Frescobaldi wines and contracts still survive to this day in the family archives bearing the king’s signature. The famed Renaissance-era painter and sculpture Michelangelo was so enamoured with Frescobaldi wines that he traded some of his paintings with the family in exchange for some bottles. In 1995, the Frescobaldis entered into a partnership with Vitner’s Hall of Fame inductee and pioneered of Napa Valley wines Robert Mondavi. It is a partnership that bore success with the “Wine of the Year” winning Omellaia and classics such as Danzante and Luce Della Vite. Therefore, when you dine at Luce, don’t forget to order a glass of wine to pair with your dishes. Their dishes are all designed to well paired with their fine selections of wine.

On the day of our visit, we tried two dishes from the menu of Lobster Love Affair Vol. 2. Following the success of the first Lobster Love Affair last year, Chef Edoardo has further perfected the menu to bring you an excellent experience in crustacean dining. Never ever think that a 6-course seafood meal will not make you full. To fully satisfy true crustacean cravers, they offer you unlimited chance to re-order as many dishes of each course as you like (except Baked Canadian Lobster Thermidor, which can be ordered one per person).

Menu of Lobster Love Affair Vol. 2

(1) Italian spider crab salad with Italian herbs, fresh lobster and zucchini flan
This is a very refreshing appetizer, which is full of the original flavour of each ingredient. No creamy thick sauce is used cover up the natural flavour from the earth and sea. It is simple but amazingly tasty.

(2) Baked Canadian lobster Thermidor with porcini mushrooms and truffle sauce
Although this dish can only be ordered once, this last dish of the menu can both perfectly satisfy your crave for seafood and end your meal with bliss. My first bite of it still left me an unforgettable memory of the dish. It was succulent and bursting with flavour. As live Canadian lobster is used, plus the culinary skill of Chef Edoardo, the lobster itself was not over-cooked. The aftertaste was full of original flavour and sweetness of the lobster. A 5-thumb-up dish.

Lobster Love Affair Vol. 2 is available every day for lunch and dinner (excl. Sunday lunchtimes).

We highly recommend Lobster Love Affair Vol.2 to you all.

For more enticing photos of Lobster Love Affair Vol. 2 and Luce Italian Restaurant, please visit Luce Italian Restaurant Gallery.

For reservations, please call Luce 02 210 8100 or email to or

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