During China’s most celebrated holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are gifted to family, friends and business partners to wish prosperity and happiness. Handmade fresh daily in the kitchens of award-winning Cantonese restaurant Bai Yun, Banyan Tree Bangkok’s legendary and delicate mooncakes are preservative-free and come in a multitude of different flavours, including the ever-popular Durian, Assorted Nuts, Lotus Seeds and Black Sesame.

Exquisitely and elegantly packaged in sets of 4, 2 and individual serving, as well as in a brand new Limited Edition 8-mini mooncakes premium gift set. Banyan Tree mooncakes are the perfect choice to send good wishes during the Mid-Autumn season.


Thai Baht 209.- per piece, Durian, Lotus seed, Assorted nuts, Chinese Chestnut

Thai Baht 199.- per piece, Red bean, Black sesame, Jujube & Walnut, Custard

Thai Baht 599.- for a box of 2 pieces.

Thai Baht 959.- for a box of 4 pieces.

Thai Baht 1,888 – for a Limited Edition 8-mini mooncakes premium gift set

*Available at Goodies, Romsai and Bai Yun

*Custom branding for corporate orders available on request

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